About Me

image With over 20 years experience in Sports and Therapeutic massage, my educational background includes a massage diploma from the Swedish Institute of Health and Allied Health Sciences (NY, NY), as well as an MA from Columbia University and an AB from Mount Holyoke College. I hold additional certifications in Pregnancy, Infant and Pediatric Massage.

 Throughout my life, sports, health and healing (both traditional and alternative), have been my passion. These interests inform my massage practice and allow me to offer an eclectic mix of healing modalities.

  "Sports massage" at Concord Sports and Therapeutic Massage covers quite a bit of territory, and may include deep tissue as well as myofascial trigger point work. It can be invaluable in promoting the speedy resolution of injuries as well as preventing them in the first place. It is also the "tool" of choice for serious athletes seeking to optimize their competitive performance. For many athletes, the initial massage evaluation is one of the highlights of their work with me-- as I combine a thorough massage with feedback on areas of muscular restriction and patterns that may be limiting performance.

 "Deep tissue and trigger point massage" is for everyone, not just athletes. From simple muscle knots to chronic tightness, this type of massage can truly work wonders in reducing pain and restoring full and free range of motion.

 My certification in "Pediatric massage," means that I can partner with pediatricians or therapists to help resolve muscular issues or stress-related problems in children. I also enjoy working with the "geriatric" population and take special care to ensure that massage for this group is tailored to any particular health concerns.

 I often add a "self-massage" teaching component to a massage session--empowering clients to take steps to improve their own health. Overall, self-massage (usually with a ball) can be an invaluable "tool" that can reduce or even eliminate the need to see a massage therapist when minor problems arise.

 Finally, my interest in alternative healing has given me much insight into chronic health issues. Though I firmly believe that traditional medicine should be sought out when dealing with serious health issues, I also feel that working with the mind-body connection can have profound results. In a "Deep Healing" session, clients experience sound healing, intentional bodywork, visualizations and guided meditations.

 I look forward to working with you...